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"Restoring the Earth's Water Supply, One Recycled Barrel At a time!"

Avivid's TurboCoag© 

TurboCoag© Water Treatment is a Unique Electrocoagulation System

Avivid Water applies its patented TurboCoag© process to the known technology of electrocoagulation (EC). EC systems work by passing contaminated liquids over electrically charged plates creating a reaction, which causes the contaminants to be precipitated out in solid sludge form. Avivid Water has solved difficulties with passivization which will now allow EC to become the system of choice to treat waters with emulsified oils, poorly settling solids and poorly soluble organics that add turbidity, odor and color to water. EC is highly effective for removing arsenic, heavy metals, and soluble organic compounds. Microorganisms are killed in the process of EC treatment. Special applications such as arsenic removal, latex paint extraction and polymer cleanup, coal/sulfur/clay/water separation, and environmental remediation projects are ideally suitable for TurboCoag©. Avivid Water’s system is best described as a combination of a pumping system, integrated with an innovative self-cleaning cell that coagulates suspended material, reacts with contaminates, kills microbes and precipitates a sludge containing these contents. In addition to its self-cleaning features, the system increases current density through the fluid and allows for a smaller reactor for any given volume of water. The design is optimized for servicing of the reactor in the field and can be scaled to treat high volumes of water on a continuous basis. The patent for this product was awarded in April 2013. Avivid Water’s Turbo-Coag©  has achieved a revolutionary improvement over prior EC technologies but maintains common features of EC which are: 
     •    Dramatically lowering the costs of waste processing for many contaminants
     •    Creating non-toxic sludge suitable for landfill by using no chemicals
     •    Creating far less sludge than similar contaminate removal technologies


Avivid TurboCoag© Results


Avivid TurboCoag© Electrocoagulation

  • Removes nearly all contaminants
  • Reduces sludge by 90% over chemical or polymer treatments
  • Simplifies system maintenance
  • Increases capacity for a given size reactor

Avivid targets waste water streams Consisting of...

  • Produced Oil Water
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Water
  • Mine Waste Water
  • Municipal Side Stream  Waste Water

Argo Mine Acid waste Water Drainage in Colorado