• TurboCoag® Electrocoagulation


TurboCoag® design is a combination of a pumping system, integrated with an innovative self-cleaning cell that coagulates suspended material, kills microbes, reduces waste sludge by 30-70% over chemical treatments, minimizes costs, and reduces your environmental impact to meet regulatory compliance. 

Small Footprint

Inside, outside, fixed or mobile installation. Turbocoag® is the optimal solution for seamless integration in any work environment.

Simple Design

Optimized design for ease of unit maintenance. Highly scalable to treat excessive volumes of water on a continuous basis.


Design friendly with round surfaces for easy cleaning and sanitation. No exposed wires or moving parts provide for a safer work environment. 

Chemical Free

Clean wastewater with few or no added chemicals. Floc is easily filtered and quickly settles into non-toxic sludge that meets EPA TCLP code, suitable for landfill disposal.

See a demo of the reactor in action!

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