TurboCoag© Electrocoagulation Waste Water Treatment

Trailer or Conex Mounted, 400 GPM System


  • Small Technological Footprint
  • Cost effective at high and low volumes of water
  • Faster removal of contaminants
  • Few or no added chemicals
  • Little or no filtration needed
  • Requires no additional pump unit


Self Cleaning

Avivid's TurboCoag© water treatment systems use a novel patented method to defeat the passivity problem that has traditionally plagued electrocoagulation systems. This proprietary solution to the passivization problem greatly reduces downtime and cost of anode replacement.


Reduced Power Requirements

Avivid systems consume less power than comparable systems by increasing current density which allows for the use of less electricity for the same level of effectiveness as well as reducing the size of the reactor for any volume of water.


Low Capital and Operating Costs

Avivid's technology delivers fresh, non-oxidized electrode surfaces, so the power demands of the system are lower than those of traditional electrocoagulation systems making it cost effective for numerous applications.

Retrofit trailers available for deployment

25-50 GPM unit


  • Can be scaled to treat 1-1,000 gpm
  • Removes 99% of suspended solids, heavy metals, and biological contaminants
  • 60-90% Less sludge than chemical treatments
  • Modular system serviced by our technicians
  • Sludge is inert and meets EPA TCLP standards


1 GPM Solar Powered Field Test Unit


Scalable and Flexible 

TurboCoag© is designed to be most effective for water volumes between 25 gpm and 400 gpm. The system is easily transfered to and from locations increasing its versatility. 


Interior of trailer which houses singular or multiple reactors