Avivid Water supplies an innovative, state of the art, electrocoagulation (EC) system providing businesses with an onsite water purification technology. Our mission is to continually increase profitability for our shareholders, owners, and employees while conducting business in a manner that demonstrates integrity and our moral values. The purpose of this mission is to become the leading supplier of EC technology to the wastewater treatment needs of the agriculture, oil and gas, and mining industries. Avivid Water will continually strive to be the most economical and environmentally friendly solution to each water purification system we solve. 


  • Avivid Water strives to become the leading water purification company across the agricultural, oil and gas, and mining sectors while having cleaned and reused over 1 Billion gallons of water by 2025.

  • Avivid Water will be recognized by our ability to provide the lowest cost, least environmental impact solution to wastewater purification by providing unmatched technical support, and limiting downtime. 

  • Avivid Water is pursuing this venture in order to meet growing demand in the water market and quickly diminishing water resources. Avivid's solutions to wastewater treatment will meet the demands of customer's needing to reduce pollution abatement costs, comply with increasing EPA regulation and reduce water consumption/waste.