Online Monitoring of Wastewater Treatment

Visit the Monitoring site created by Data Ductus

An Example Monitoring Dashboard for a Water Cleaning System

The website is a demonstration by Data Ductus, Inc. showing an example of a dashboard that monitors a water cleaning system. This dashboard shows real-time readings from the dirty water holding tank, the clean water holding tank, and the cleaning mechanism itself. This demo supports multiple water cleaning sites, and on the homepage provides a visual alert if any of the “clean” water has unsafe levels of pollutants. Similarly on the detail page for each water cleaning site, a monitoring bar provides visual cues to alert the user when a reading is received outside of the acceptable range.

What technologies are used?

This site uses the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Cloud™ platform as well as the FX30 and MangOH Internet of Things (IoT) hardware devices for this water cleaning system monitoring application.

Who is Data ductus?

Data Ductus is a software engineering consulting firm specializing in technically advanced solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Our highly skilled technical consultants and project managers provide services within a vast range of industries, including IoT and device orchestration. We are known for our ability to quickly adapt and meet changing business requirements. We are engineers with passion to solve technically challenging problems in small and scalable agile teams. We bring expertise and flexibility to your organization.