Listed below are a few of the sources that contributed to the successful development of TurboCoag®. These papers will support and supply additional information as to electrocoagulation's effectiveness and highlight the current demand for clean water around the world.

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Aluminum Electrochemistry in Electrocoagulation Reactors

A Comparison of Aluminum and Iron-Based Coagulants for Treatment of Surface Water in Sarasota County, Florida

Alum Dose Rates and Cost Estimates

Aluminum Found Effective for Treating Natural Waters

Aluminum Behavior in Electrocoagulation Processes

Aluminum Electrochemistry in Electrocoagulation Reactors

Comparing Aluminum and Iron Coagulants to Remove Organic Carbon, Color, and Turbidity from Florida Slough

Comparison of COD Removal from Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Electrocoagulation, Photoelectrocoagulation, Peroxi-electrocoagulation and Peroxi-photoelectrocoagulation Processes

Electrochemical Alkaline FeVI Water Purification and Remediation

Electrocoagulation as a Wastewater Treatment

Electrocoagulation COD Removal Mechanism

Electrocoagulation in Wastewater Treatment

Electrocoagulation of Cutting Oil Emulsions using Aluminum Plate Electrodes

Electrocoagulation Technology in Wastewater Treatment, A Review of Methods and Applications

Estimating Dosing Rates and Energy Consumption for Electrocoagulation Using Iron and Aluminum Electrodes

Aluminum Electrode Dissolution in Electrocoagulation Process

Evaluation of Parameters Affecting Steady-State Floc Blanket Performance

Enhancing Suspended Solids Removal from Wastewater Using Fe Electrodes

Fundamentals, Present and Future Perspectives of Electrocoagulation

Chemical and Electro-coagulation Techniques in Coagulation-Flocculation in Water and Wastewater Treatment - A Review

Inherently Safer Water Purification Technology

Oil Removal with Al Salts Vs Al EC Plates

Operating Cost Analysis and Treatment of Domestic Wastewater by Electrocoagulation Using Aluminum Electrodes

Removal of Dexamethasone from Aqueous Solution and Hospital Wastewater by Electrocoagulation

Separation of Pollutants from Restaurant Wastewater by Electrocoagulation

Simultaneous Removal of Cadmium and Turbidity in Contaminated Soil-Washing Water by Electroflotation

Technology Overview of Electrocoagulation

The Future for Electrocoagulation as a Localized Water Treatment Technology

Treatment of Domestic Wastewater by Electrocoagulation in a Cell with Fe-Fe Electrodes

Treatment of Domestic Wastewater by Electrocoagultion in a Cell with Fe-Fe Electrodes

Treatment of Domestic Wastewater by Electrocoagulation

Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater Containing Phenolic Compounds by Electrocoagulation Using a Fixed Bed Electrochemical Reactor

Water Treatment Using Electrocoagulation by Ritika Mohan