Abandoned Mine Acid Water

Avivd Water's TurboCoag© system is well suited to be located at mine sites that are currently releasing contaminated water into streams. The small footprint of the system makes it ideal for remote locations. Similarly, the reduced maintenance requirements of the TurboCoag©, as compared to traditional EC systems, make it the optimal solution for these locations. 


Active Mining Water

Active mine sites use large amounts of water in the mining process. The TurboCoag© is well suited to clean active mine water on site. The ability to process high volumes of water with minimal downtime make it the ideal solution.


Hydraulic Fracturing Flow-Back Water

During the fracturing process millions of gallons of water are used and much of this water returns to the surface unsuitable for re-use or release. Currently deep disposal wells are used to eliminate the contaminated water. Avivid's TurboCoag© would reduce the amount of sludge produced from treating the water chemically, reduce the amount of water purchased allowing for re-use and reduce trucking expenses.


Livestock, Poultry and Dairy

Currently, most farms use waste lagoons that rely on evaporation to reduce pollutants. These evaporation ponds are becoming a high priority of the EPA and many of these locations need to change they way they treat their waste water. An installment of the TurboCoag© system would eliminate the need for an evaporation pond and more efficiently remove contaminants.


Municipal Side Stream Water

 These side streams have relatively small volumes of highly polluted water that are well suited for the TurboCoag© system.  


Arsenic Removal

Recently the EPA reduced the allowable levels of arsenic allowed in drinking water from 50 ppB to 10 ppB. Approximately 300,000 U.S. wells have higher than allowable arsenic levels, some of which supply entire cities.  Avivid's TurboCoag©  was independently tested to remove arsenic at 880 ppB to levels that were undetectable at 0.5 ppB. The scalability of the technology makes it suitable to this type of market.


Produced Oil Water

Oil and Gas extraction produce large amounts of water that is unfit for release back into the environment. The treatment of this water is a determining factor in the profitability of oil and gas companies. Avivd's TurboCoag© has the capability to effectively clean produced water. 


Industrial Laundry Wastewater

Industrial laundries in the US use between 50,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water per day. They recognize water and wastewater disposal as major cost factors. In addition, many laundries are required to recycle wash water because the discharge permits are much lower than the consumption.