Our Vision

Abundant clean water for communities, businesses, and the natural world.

Our Mission

We clean industrial wastewater with our innovative technology in order to preserve natural resources.

Our Goal

To become the leading supplier of EC technology to service the wastewater treatment needs of the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, and municipal sidestream industries.

Our solution to wastewater treatment will meet customer needs by reducing costs, reducing water consumption, and reducing waste while complying with EPA regulations.

Our Values

At Avivid Water Technology LLC, we believe that water is at the heart of every life and business and that our business is best served by our commitment to:

Innovation: We pride ourselves on creating new technology to creatively solve water treatment issues.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to improving our water treatment systems.

Curiosity: We seek creative solutions to complex challenges to satisfy our clients.

Our Industries



Disaster Relief




Municipal Water

Drinking Water